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General courses

You can talk about my habits, activities and my job.

Intensives courses

You can express requirements and preferences.


You can talk about films (genres, plots, actors).

DELE & business

DELE diplomas are the official Spanish qualifications.

Frequently asked question

As a Lingoda student, you can download the class materials for free and use them at any time. After your class, you will also find a quiz to help you refresh and practice your new skills. There are also downloadable exercises available. All materials are uniquely created by Lingoda experts to align with CEFR standards. If you want to learn more about CEFR, read more here.

After scheduling a Spanish class on our platform, you will be able to join the class with 2-4 fellow students from around the world. The teacher will introduce themselves and begin teaching the lesson using learning materials that you can download at the end of class. You will be able to interact with the teacher and other students, but there is no pressure to do so. Towards the end of class, the teacher will recap the lesson and ensure everybody has understood the lesson. Both group and private classes are very effective with Lingoda, but it depends on your personal preferences what you’d like to do.
No, we are not a language learning app. We are an online language school and the best language learning website. And like any school, we offer live classes with certified, native speaking teachers. We believe that nothing can replace live interaction and customised feedback from a real person. Learn languages online with Lingoda.
It depends. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts. If you would like to learn Spanish online quickly, then we suggest that you make language learning a consistent habit. Also focus and participate in class and complete the downloadable materials at the end of each class for best results. It also depends on which of Lingoda’s online Spanish language courses you choose, as some of our plans are more intensive than others.
All of our Spanish teachers are native speakers, no exceptions. They are also highly-qualified. We are strict with hiring only teachers that have years of experience and can provide the highest quality teaching. Our teachers are also trained with the Lingoda method and standard, so you can learn Spanish online smoothly.

More than 100 native teachers

Our teachers are qualified professionals with an average student rating of 4.7 out of 5.


I love teaching my students to enjoy learning languages.
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I love teaching my students to enjoy learning languages.
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Juan Manuel,

I love teaching my students to enjoy learning languages.
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I love teaching my students to enjoy learning languages.

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Why study at Sapiens?

Small and private classes

3-5 students so you can practice speaking and get feedback

Customise your schedule

Choose your Spanish lessons online – available 24/7.

Learn from the best

Qualified, native-speaking teachers leading your class.

Beginner to advanced

CEFR aligned language courses catering for all learning levels.

Choose your plan

Plan silver


Plan gold


Plan platinium


Con nuestros estudiantes en el centro, nuestra misión es lograr que incluso los más ocupados puedan llegar a dominar un idioma extranjero y desatar su potencial: en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.
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